General terms and conditions

Article 1

1.1 These general terms and conditions apply to interpreting and translation services performed by or on behalf of HearHear Tolkdiensten BV, with its registered office in Rotterdam.

1.2 HearHear does not accept any general terms and conditions issued by the client. Additions and/or changes to these general terms and conditions are only legally valid with written permission from HearHear.

1.3 If one or more provisions in these general terms and conditions are annulled or declared fully or partially void at any time, the remaining provisions in these general terms and conditions continue to apply in full.

Establishment of agreement
Article 2

2.1 All offers and/or quotes from HearHear are non-binding.

2.2 An agreement between the client and HearHear is only effective after written confirmation by HearHear to the client.

2.3 HearHear may consider its client to be the person who has assigned the job to HearHear, unless they have expressly stated that they are acting on the orders, in the name of and for a third party and so long as the name and address of this third party are forwarded to HearHear at the same time.

2.4 If HearHear has reasonable doubts about whether the client can fulfil their payment obligations, before implementing or continuing the agreement, HearHear is entitled to request sufficient certainty from the client.

2.5 HearHear may apply a fixed timeline for requesting an interpreting service. If HearHear applies a timeline for requesting an interpreting service, HearHear will state this period on the website. HearHear cannot be expected to provide an interpreter if, in view of the relevant timeline, the request for an interpreter is not received in time.

Prices and rates
Article 3

3.1 All prices and rates given include turnover tax.

3.2 HearHear can set a standard rate for an interpreting service. If a standard rate applies, this will be stated on the website.

Change and cancellation of the job
Article 4

4.1 Any additional agreements, changes and/or pledges with respect to the agreement are only valid if confirmed in writing by HearHear.

4.2 If the client amends or changes the job after the establishment of the agreement, HearHear reserves the right to change the agreed price or delivery period or not to perform the job offered.

4.3 With respect to interpreting services for the CBR, the following applies to cancellations. HearHear will charge the client the full amount invoiced if the interpreting service is cancelled on the working day on which this is planned. If the job is cancelled one working day before the date of the exam, 50% of the amount invoiced will be charged to the client. If the interpreting service is cancelled more than one day before the date of the exam, no costs will be charged to the client. The cancellation costs stated on the website apply, unless the interpreter applies their own cancellation rate.

4.4 Restitution of the payment will only take place after written confirmation from HearHear.

General terms of delivery interpreting services
Article 5

5.1 HearHear is required to fulfil the interpreting service to the best of its ability and with the necessary expertise, taking the client’s wishes into account.

5.2 The date, the location and the time of the service as agreed in the agreement are binding for both the client and HearHear.

5.3 HearHear undertakes to only supply an interpreter who speaks the requested language. It is not required to respond to wishes concerning the interpreter’s origin, gender or other preferences relating to personal traits, geopolitical preferences or characteristics.

5.4 HearHear always attempts to use a sworn interpreter for an interpreting service. If HearHear is required to use an interpreter who is not a sworn interpreter for a job, they will first consult the client.

5.5 If asked for their domiciliary address, interpreters used by HearHear will use the address of HearHear.

General terms of delivery interpreting services CBR

Article 6

6.1 The client has no right to repayment of the payment made to HearHear if an exam cannot be taken because the candidate fails to attend the CBR on the date and time of the requested exam.

6.2 HearHear is no longer required to provide an interpreter if the client has not reserved a (suitable) exam at the CBR. In such cases, no restitution is possible.

6.3 HearHear is no longer required to provide an interpreter if a CBR employee decides that the exam cannot be taken due to the candidate having provided incorrect or incomplete data. In such cases, no restitution is possible.

6.4 If the interpreter does not attend at the agreed time and location, without HearHear having informed the client accordingly, this will always lead to repayment of the CBR exam costs (by the CBR), restitution of the costs of the interpreting service and travel expenses based on second class travel.

6.5 If HearHear informs the client in time about its inability to fulfil its obligation to provide an interpreter, this will always lead to repayment of the exam costs and restitution of the costs of the interpreting service.

6.6 In exceptional cases, HearHear and the CBR may jointly decide that the exam may be taken later than the agreed time.

Article 7

7.1 Payment is made as agreed.

7.2 Payment for an interpreter for a driving theory exam or practical exam is made via iDeal or one of the payment platforms offered by HearHear.

7.3 An invoice must be paid within thirty days to the HearHear bank account.

7.4 If payment is not received in time, the client is immediately in default without any notice of default being required. The client is then liable to pay the statutory interest due from the date of default until the date when the invoice is paid.

7.5 If the client does not pay in time, HearHear is entitled to charge extrajudicial collection costs in accordance with the Extrajudicial Collection Costs Decree (Besluit vergoeding voor buitengerechtelijke incassokosten).

Article 8

8.1 For the handling of a complaint with respect to services provided by HearHear, HearHear must be informed in writing about the content of the complaint within 7 days of the date on which the interpreting service was provided.

8.2 In response to a complaint submitted in time, HearHear will launch an investigation. The complainant will receive an e-mail containing the result of the investigation.

8.3 HearHear will make every effort to respond as soon as possible to a complaint from a client concerning the provided service but is not required to fulfil a timeline given by the client in which they must respond to the complaint.

Article 9

9.1 The liability of HearHear only extends to repayment of the amount that the client has paid to HearHear as a fee for performing an interpreting service.

9.2 HearHear is not liable for any indirect damage, consequential damage, business loss, delay damage or loss of earnings.

9.3 HearHear is never liable for any damage resulting from incorrect or incomplete information provided to us by or on behalf of the client.

Article 10

HearHear is required to maintain confidentiality with respect to all confidential information received by HearHear with respect to implementing the agreement. Employees and interpreters at HearHear are obliged to maintain confidentiality.

Dissolution and force majeure
Article 11

11.1 If the client does not fulfil their obligations (in time), if the client is declared bankrupt or if they file for bankruptcy, if the client has requested or been granted suspension of payment, if statutory debt restructuring for natural persons has been applied to the client or in the case of liquidation of the client’s business, HearHear is authorised, without being liable to pay any compensation, to fully or partially dissolve the agreement or to suspend its implementation. In that case, HearHear can claim immediate payment of what it is entitled to.

11.2 If HearHear is no longer able to meet its obligations, due to circumstances beyond its control and risk, HearHear, without being obliged to pay any compensation, is entitled to dissolve the agreement.

11.3 If, as a result of force majeure, HearHear is required to discontinue the further implementation of the agreement, it retains the right to receive payment for the work performed, the costs incurred, and advances paid until that time.

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